Trooper Patrol Vehicle Hit Twice In Crash

Credit: CSP

State Patrol has had concerns about the increasing number of trooper vehicles hit in accidents--and Saturday afternoon another occurred.

As a trooper investigated a rollover crash at exit 132 (Security-Widefield) around 2:30 p.m., two vehicles lost control and crashed into the patrol cruiser. He was fortunately out of the cruiser at the time investigating the rollover, and was not hurt.

Authorities tell 11 News that one of the vehicles that hit the cruiser rolled on top of the rear side, while the other crashed into the back. Two people involved in the crash were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Between mid-December of last year and Feb. 1, there were six incidents of on-duty troopers being injured or a patrol vehicle struck by careless or impaired driving. This despite a law that requires drivers to slow down or move over for emergency vehicles. State Patrol recently addressed the issue in a news conference late last month.