Triple Murder Suspect Back in Pueblo

Triple murder suspect, Harry Mapps, is back in Pueblo after being arrested in Oklahoma.

Mapps is being held in the Pueblo County Detention Center with no bond.

Harry Mapps was arrested Saturday evening at a motel along I-40 in Roland, Oklahoma after authorities there received a tip about Mapps' minivan.

Authorities told 11 News Mapps does not have any known ties to Oklahoma, but was a truck driver and is familiar with I-40.

Mapps faces charges of first degree murder, arson, theft, identity theft and forgery in connection to the deaths of Reginald and Kim Tuttle, and their daughter Dawn Roderick.

Mapps was an employee at Reginald Tuttle's trucking company, and had been renting a room from him.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office said Sunday authorities still do not know what motivated the murders, but they are breathing a sign of relief now that Mapps is behind bars.

Authorities said they are investigating to find out if Mapps may have committed other alleged crimes while he was on the run.


Sunday night Dawn, Reggie and Kim's surviving family talked to us about the heartbreak of losing them and their reaction to Harry Mapp's arrest.

Toby Barnes, Dawn's brother, says his arrest is a relief but it doesn't change the fact that he will never see his mom, dad or sister again.
He tells us Mapps wasn't just an employee or renting a room from the Tuttle's, he was a longtime family friend.

Barnes says he is still shocked, but wants Mapps to get the maximum punishment for the crime.

" I'd like to see him get the death penalty or life without parole," Barnes says.

Mark Roderick, Dawn's husband is also speaking out about Mapps capture, telling 11 news he's glad he has been caught but it doesn't change the extreme grief they are dealing with.

Roderick has questions for the suspect.

" I want to know why he did this to my kids. I want to know why he destroyed their lives."

Roderick says he is relieved to know Mapps will never show up at his door and he too wants justice for the lives taken.

" The way I feel, is an eye for an eye. If the District Attorney goes after the death penalty, I will back him up. If he goes after life in prison, I will back him up. The only think I don't want to see him do is skate."