Trial To Start In Brutal Sex Assault Case

Jasim Mohammed Hassin Ramadon, born in 1990

Jury selection has started for the trial of an Iraqi man accused of taking part in a brutal sex assault.

Jasim Ramadon also goes by the name of Jay Hendrex.

He attended Palmer High School and, according to a book written by former Fort Carson solider Daniel Hendrex, Jay helped coalition forces find a group of enemy fighters. Both his parents died after he talked to troops, so Daniel brought him to Colorado Springs to live with his family.

Now Ramadon is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman after she broke up a fight outside a Colorado Springs apartment building in July 2012.

The victim said after the fight, she was invited into an apartment. Ramadon is one of the five men who was reportedly there. The victim said she was given a glass of lemonade to drink, and then passed out. When she awoke, she has been brutally sexually assaulted.

Ramadon's trial will start when jury selection is complete.