Man Accused Of Killing Ex-Wife's Lover Found Guilty On All Counts, Sentenced To Life

A man charged with at least three shootings--including one that killed a man--has been found guilty on all counts.

Bruce Nozolino is charged with murdering his ex-wife's lover, shooting her divorce attorney and then trying to shoot the judge presiding over his divorce.

The divorce attorney lost his eye in the alleged shooting.

The jury entered the courtroom around 10:40 a.m. Friday to read the verdict. The courtroom has been filled with family and friends of the victims in the shootings through the duration of the trial.

Nozolino will spend the rest of his life behind bars. The judge sentenced him immediately after the verdict to life without parole, plus 288 years.

Opening statements began Jan. 14, with prosecutors speaking first. They said they believe Nozolino had a motive for these shootings, while the defense said there is a serious lack of physical evidence proving any of it.

Witness testimony began the next day, with the prosecution calling Nozolino's wife to the stand. She testified about her divorce from Nozolino.

On Jan. 16, Beverly Nozolino's former divorce attorney, John Ciccolella, testified.

Prosecutors spent the majority of that afternoon meticulously going through dozens of sanctions Nozolino tried to file against Ciccolella for what he believed were wrongdoings during the divorce proceedings.

All of the sanctions were dismissed by the judge proceeding over the divorce.

This was part of the prosecution's case to try to prove Nozolino had the motive to carry out the shooting. Prosecutors say the motive lies around Nozolino and his wife's messy divorce in 2002.

Ciccolella said just a few days after a court hearing that didn't go well for Nozolino, several shots were fired into his home.

The defense argued that there was no physical evidence to link Nozolino to the crimes.