Tree Falls On Top Of Bus Stop Bench, Pins 2

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Witnesses say 40 people rushed to help when a tree fell on top of a bus stop in Old Colorado City Sunday morning, pinning two people underneath.

The incident happened around 10 a.m. at West Colorado Avenue and South 15th Street. Those who saw the incident told 11 News the two victims were sitting on a bus stop bench when the tree fell on top of them. They said dozens of bystanders tried to pry the tree off of the victims.

Darleen Roina lives across the street. She said, "Good Samaritans, there was about 40 people, my husband said, that just stopped and ran and took the branches off the best they could off these two men that were covered by the tree."

The condition of both victims is unknown, but the fire department reported that at least one suffered traumatic injuries. Both were taken to Memorial Hospital.

At this time, it's unknown what caused the tree to fall over. The Colorado Springs Fire Department says it may be a combination between strong winds and some tree rotting.

CSFD says the tree was owned by the City. It was cleaned up by the Forestry Department that afternoon.