Travel Plans Canceled Because Of Sandy

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Millions of people have been impacted by Sandy, even people here in Colorado. 11 News caught up with three sisters Monday afternoon.

Dian Hardiman and her sister have been planning a cruise for a year now.

Hardiman had to take three flights just to get from Canada to Colorado Springs, so you can imagine her disappointment.

Unfortunately the storm prevented them from flying out to Washington D.C., and later Rome for their cruise.

The women spent thousands of dollars on airfare, travel items and tickets for the cruise. They also took vacation time that they can't get back.

They tell us they were very disappointed that they can't go, they say travel agents told them they should be able to get to Washington D.C. by November 4th but their cruise is set to leave November 3rd.

All isn't lost, they plan on figuring out what to do with the time they have left. They ladies say they may still go to Rome even if they miss the cruise or they may just try to find something to do in another state.