Trash Dumped on Southern Colorado Road

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Local folks are outraged about illegal dumping on a southern Colorado Road.

It’s happening along Little Burnt Mill Road, just south of Pueblo.

Instead of rolling countryside, there is road is littered with furniture. An abandoned couch and mattress sit along the side of Little Burnt Mill Road. A plastic tarp clings to the fence. A tree now provides shade for a heap of drywall.

“Anything you can imagine that people are too cheap to take out to the dump,” Mark Valkingburg said.

Valkingburg owns land along Little Burnt Mill Road. He reached out to 11 News after people continue to dump their junk here over and over again, rather than pay up at the local landfill.

“It costs too much to go to the dump. The dump is too far. Everybody's dumping everywhere. You can't get rid of a tire for less than 10 dollars," Valkingburg explained.

He says neighbors have alerted the Pueblo Sheriff's office but they told him they don't have the resources to continually patrol that area. He plans to keep an eye out until someone gets caught.

“We'd like something done about it but we all understand the sheriff's department is limited and it's not city property it's the county so it's a catch twenty-two."

If you're caught dumping trash you may face fines of 500 dollars or 90 days in jail.