New Tracking Technology to Prevent Child Abductions

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Since Jessica Ridgeway’s abduction, a lot of parents are understandably worried about their kids.

11 News is looking into some smart ways, even new technology to prevent child abductions

There is a new wrist-watch being developed that uses GPS and cell phone signals to track your child's every move. If he or she is in danger just by pushing two buttons, 911 is called immediately.

The LEO watches run about $250 dollars right now but the company that makes them is trying to get the cost down.

Aside from technology 11 News is looking into additional ideas from local school districts and parents.

District 20 tells 11 News they have a program called the "walking school bus,” It's where one parent will walk a group of neighborhood kids right to the school to ensure that they make it safely.

Here are some other ideas, have your child carry a cell phone to call you when they get to school. You can get a pre-paid phone with very limited talk-time for around $10 dollars a month.

Also, if your kid meets a buddy to walk to school let that child know to tell an adult immediately if your child doesn’t show up.