Track Down Bad Guys? There’s An App For That

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An iPad app leads police to thieves who broke into a car and stole the iPad and other items Friday night.

Police were called to investigate a vehicle break-in shortly before 9 p.m. in the 400 block of E. St. Elmo. The victim had several items stolen, including an iPad that had a tracking application running.

Only 11 News talked to the family Saturday, they said they were only gone for a few minutes. They left an iPad, a purse, and a wallet inside the truck, while they went to grab a few things from their mom's apartment. Karla told us they're a little shaken up by the whole thing and didn’t want to reveal her identity. She and her husband came back to see their truck had been broken into.

"My purse was taken and my mother in law's wallet was taken from the vehicle and all my credit cards were just taken and gone you know, keys to the house, everything," Karla said.

They've since changed their locks and cancelled their credit cards. It was this simple app, “track my iPhone” that helped Colorado Springs Police find a stolen iPad and the two people they believe are responsible.

"While the police were still with us taking our statements we opened up the app and we did a location find on it and we were able to find the location of where the iPad was at the time," Karla said.

Police traced the app to the 1000 block of Norwood Avenue, where officers saw a car parked in the approximate location of the iPad. As officers approached the vehicle, a juvenile fled the car, leaving two others behind.

Karla’s glad technology worked to their advantage and found the stolen iPad just a few blocks away. She believes the crooks may have been watching them, but never the less, plan to be more careful leaving things in cars next time.

The two teens arrested for the iPad break in and theft were Raul Barros, 18, and Vincent Jackson, 19. In their car, police found burglary tools, a shotgun and the iPad. The juvenile who ran was picked up a short time later and all three face charges of Possession of Burglary Tools, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon and Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender.

This isn't the only incident when a tracking device helped investigators. Earlier Saturday, Fountain Police found a car that had been stolen from the Springs. Investigators told 11 News, a woman was about to leave town when she had her car stolen.

Her phone was inside the car and with a tracking app, lead police to the area of Crest Street near Santa Fe in Fountain. Jordan Vredeveld and Ester Wright were both arrested in connection to this crime.

We looked into the background of everyone arrested, they've all had run ins with the law before.