Toy Gun Prank Lands Felon In Jail

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A western Colorado man who allegedly pointed a toy gun at a police officer as a Halloween prank is facing criminal charges local prosecutors are calling "felony stupid."

The incident happened early Friday when 29-year-old Patricio Preciado allegedly pointed a toy gun in the face of Grand Junction police officer Cody Kennedy. The Daily Sentinel reports that the officer drew his handgun as Preciado laughed and told him he was joking.

According to the officer's arrest affidavit, Kennedy "told him it wasn't funny and that I had almost shot him."

Kennedy said that a woman dressed as a cowgirl approached and asked for the gun, not realizing that Kennedy was a police officer and not in costume.

Preciado has four prior felony convictions. He now faces charges of attempted robbery and felony menacing.