Toddler Survives Fall Through Third-Story Window

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The mother a young boy who fell three stories from an apartment window says she is thankful he is alive, to say the least.

According to Jamie Barrett, it took only a few seconds for her son to push through the window screen and fall. Despite such a long fall, the little boy is only suffering from cuts and bruises, and has no broken bones.

Barrett says she was waking up from a nap on Tuesday when two of her three sons went to another room. She became worried when she spotted them near the window.

She tried to move her kids away from the window but wasn't able to grab them in time; they were able to get partially out of the window. Her youngest son, who's only 2, fell through.

A frantic Barrett raced outside to her son's side.

"The way he looked at me when he fell, it just scared me so much. He looked up at me like, 'Mom what happened?' said Barrett. "He just scared me so much, and was screaming and screaming. I'm just really glad he's still alive."

Mom and son spent hours at the hospital, where the little boy underwent extensive examination, including a cat scan. Doctors were stunned to find that the child had little more than scrapes from his fall.

"Being his age and the position he fell, he should have broken at least a couple of bones," Barrett explained. "He's perfectly fine.

"He's my miracle baby."

The miraculous fall is serving as a valuable safety lesson.

KKTV 11 News talked with a Colorado-based window company who says window screens are not strong enough to keep children from pushing through them and falling out. They are only meant to keep insects out.

The company also suggests you do not place furniture near windows as easy access for young children.

For more information how to keep your kids safe, follow the link on the side of this page.