Toddler Found Wandering Near Fillmore

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A toddler is safe after she was found wandering near a busy street. She was found near Arcadia and Fillmore in Colorado Springs.

Neighbors say the 2-year-old was was walking down the middle of the side street, not far from Fillmore. They tell 11 News the girl was almost hit by a car two or three times before someone got her out of the road.

"It was heartbreaking," said Madison Pinela. Pinela spotted the toddler not far from her house. It was late afternoon, and the toddler was headed towards busy traffic on Fillmore.

Pinela and her family got the toddler out of the road and called police. They stayed with her until officers arrived.

"We helped her and we wiped her face. She was really dirty, she was cold, and she was wandering aimlessly through the streets," said Pinela.

Police talked to neighbors and found out where the little girl lives. The mother of the toddler has been ticketed and charged with neglect. They are not releasing the woman's name because it is an abuse case, and they do not want to identify the little girl.

Police tell 11 News the toddler is going to be okay, which is a big relief for the family who stepped in to help the little girl.