Tips For Helping Kids Cope During A Fire

For parents of children affected by the Black Forest Fire, District 20 has provided a list of tips on how to help them handle this crisis.

These tips are relevant for children impacted by any of the fires currently burning in the state of Colorado.

The following are provided by the school district.

1) Please monitor and limit your child's exposure to media during this time. Watching the fire over and over will increase trauma and stress in children and adolescents. Research has proven this in lessons learned from 9/11.
2) Also monitor and limit the amount of time your children and adolescents spend on Facebook, tweeting and other social media. These also have graphic pictures as well as information that may be nonfactual which will cause again undue anxiety, trauma, and stress.
3) Making contact with others can help reduce feelings of distress. It benefits all of us to get involved with activities where we can contribute and help like collecting food for evacuees as well as activities that are just fun like movies, bowling, playing games, etc.
4) Children and adolescents can benefit from spending some time with other similar-age peers. Social supports are huge during a crisis, especially for adolescents!