Arrest Papers In Human Trafficking Investigation Allege Spa Was Cover-Up For Operation

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From the outside, the Healing Art and Relaxation Spa on Colorado Avenue looks like a traditional spa.

But according to authorities, the appearance is a facade for the spa's true intent: human trafficking.

Multiple agencies recently took part in undercover investigations of spas located along the southern Front Range, which led to the arrest of three women believed to be involved in a prostitution ring that involves human trafficking.

Covie King, Myong Moon and Myong Bogdany were arrested after the investigations and after search warrants were executed. Bank accounts associated with the spas have been frozen.

Each woman will face charges of human trafficking and pimping.

According to an arrest affidavit for Bogdany obtained by 11 News, last December an undercover officer was offered some sort of sex act at the Healing Art and Relaxation Spa, which is in Colorado Springs. The woman who solicited sex identified Bogdany as the owner of the spa.

Police would later discover Bogdany allegedly paid another woman $200 every time she would deliver prostitutes.

The arrest papers also outline a discussion with a customer in Pueblo, who purportedly paid $100 for full sex with a woman at the spa. He admitted the act to state troopers after he was seen leaving the VIP Spa, and then pulled over for a traffic violation. The arrest papers allege the woman who took his money also told him she owned the Massa Spa in Colorado Springs, a former name for the Healing Art and Relaxation Spa.

As the collaborative investigation between Colorado State Patrol, Homeland Security, and the Colorado Springs and Pueblo police departments continued, online ads were found on a website called for a "Young, juicy Asian, or fantastic bodywork, hot Asian girl."

11 News is still working to get the arrest papers for the other two women charged with human trafficking and pimping. When we get those documents, we'll let you know what roles those women allegedly played.