Thousands To See Paychecks Slashed As Mandatory Furloughs Begin

Credit: AP

Thousands of workers are taking a huge hit in their paychecks as mandatory furloughs going into effect nationwide.

Close to home, these furloughs are expected to impact up to 9,000 civilian workers at Fort Carson, Peterson and Schriever Air Force bases and the Air Force Academy. These workers are being forced to take 11 days off without pay, equaling a 20 percent pay cut.

The first of these mandatory furlough days starts this week, and will continue through September. Nationwide, 650,000 people will be affected--close to 85 percent of the Defense Department's civilian workforce.

The automatic sequestration cuts, which requires billions in across-the-board cuts divided equally between defense and non-defense sectors, are what's driving the furloughs. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a recent press conference that in order to meet the budget goals required by the sequestration, he hut to make cuts in the civilian payroll to avoid further slashing the military itself.