Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Equipment Taken From Pueblo Family

The Martinez family's truck
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A woman is hoping her cry for help will be heard all over southern Colorado.

Last week, Janice Martinez says, her husband, a Comcast contractor, was just finishing up a job and getting ready to leave when he realized he forgot to leave the customer a packet of information. He ran back inside to drop the packet off.

In no more than five minutes, the accused crook, Joseph Giordano, allegedly hopped into his truck and took off. A couple of days later, Pueblo County Sheriff's deputies arrested Giordano after he allegedly got the truck stuck in a ditch. We are told he tried to run, but was caught and arrested.

Martinez says there were a number of items in the vehicle that weren't hers, including purses and credit cards.

Pueblo police wouldn't confirm what the items were, only that a number of belongings were placed in evidence.

The family is relieved to have the truck back, but they have run into more problems because the tools and ladder rack Martinez's husband had in the car for work were gone. The items all together are worth thousands of dollars.

"We are looking for a ladder rack that goes on a 2000 Ford pickup, a 28-foot ladder, various cable equipment, We lost his drills," Martinez said.

Luckily, some of the stolen items have begun to emerge. Someone contacted officials after finding a tub of cables on the side of the road and other items the day after the truck was stolen. It belonged to Martinez's husband. The Martinezes are just hoping people will continue to keep an eye out for the other equipment.

After all, Janice Martinez says, it's their livelihood.

If you have any information on the stolen items, call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 542-STOP.