Thieves Steal Boy’s Christmas Presents

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This crime is just mean. A two year old boy’s Christmas presents were stolen. Now, the family wants to warn others.

Jeff and Linda Thompson were keeping their grandson's gifts in a storage facility in the Security-Widefield area so he wouldn't find them in their home. Over the weekend, those gifts were stolen.

"It’s one thing to break in there and take my stuff that would've been fine. But to take a baby's toys, at Christmas to me that's just wrong," Linda Thompson said.

Thompson told 11 News their two year old grandson, Maddox, loves to run around their home. He's been sick the last few days so they agreed to give him a present early. That's when they discovered the break-in at their storage unit.

"I just want to know why, it's just not right not at Christmas and not a little boy's stuff," Thompson said.

She said they spent $250 on toys and for them to be stolen, is heartbreaking.

"Luckily we can replace these toys but what about the families that can't afford to pay for Christmas twice; you shouldn't have to pay for it twice just because someone wants to steal your stuff, that's just wrong," Thompson said.

The toys weren't the only things stolen. Thompson said the crooks also took D.J. equipment, and NASCAR memorabilia.

We talked to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and a corporate spokesperson for the storage company, both said the Thompson's unit is the only reported break-in over the weekend.

The bottom line, if you have a storage unit, be sure to get insurance on your property. A lot of storage places require it now, but it's a good way to protect yourself if this ever happens to you.

The sheriff's office added people shouldn’t store any sentimental items in your storage unit, things that can't be replaced.