Thieves Steal Band Equipment From Pueblo High School

Authorities say someone may have stolen a marching band podium from high school students--and sold it for scrap metal.

The podium was chained up outside South High School in Pueblo. A week ago, someone cut the chain and took it.

The band director says the podium costs about $3,000, and is hard to replace because the kids already do so much fundraising for other things.

"We actually fundraise 12 months out of the year just for students to be able to pay their $250 band fees. So we're still just trying to get kids to be able to pay the fees to keep the program running...just running," band director Garren Cuthrell said.

The podium is all aluminum, which is why its speculated that it may have been sold for scrap metal.

If you have any information on the theft, contact Pueblo police right away.