UPDATE: Police Find Local Grandmother's Stolen Car

Less than a week after a grandma's car was stolen in broad daylight, it’s been returned. A member of the Colorado Springs Police Department told 11 News, it’s partly because of our story.

Annie Koester, 79, has been stuck since her only mode of ttransportation was stolen Thursday. Taken from the senior center while she was in a class, here's what she told us then.

"I just felt really just violated, just numb," Koester said.

Tuesday, Colorado Springs Community Service Officer Dawn Watkins told us she helped get it back.

"The original call involved the woman I had seen on Channel 11 who I had seen last week," Officer Watkins said.

Officer Watkins said Koester’s stolen car was found in a garage. She said a man opened his garage to find a car inside that wasn’t his. He called a tow company to get it out, and when the tow company checked the plates, they realized it was stolen.

Officer Watkins said she recognized the description from our story, but had the wrong number for Koester. Watkins said she eventually tracked her down through the senior center.

"(Koester) was thrilled when I called and informed her over the phone, and was more thrilled when she got down there. Her brother bought her down and she had some hugs for me which was nice," Watkins said.

Koester told us Tuesday, a few things are missing from the car, but she’s just so excited to have her car back.

"She said she missed her car, and her car missed her. She said she might think of a name for her car and I suggested Lucky," Watkins told us.

Lucky indeed, reunited with the car Koester’s had for 15 years and needs every day. She said she decided on the name “Martha.”
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A local grandmother is struggling after her car was stolen in broad daylight.

Annie Koester, 79, says her car was stolen while she was taking a class at the Senior Center in Colorado Springs.

She has had her Honda Accord for many years and besides the memories, Koester needs it to get around. When she’s not in her car, she relies on a walker to get around. Without the car, she says walking to a nearby grocery store or gas station is not an option.

"I don't know how you could do this...I walk with a walker and it's hard to walk...I depended on that car so much," said Koester.

Wednesday she says she parked her car up front at the Senior Center for her weekly class. When it was over she went outside to get her car and go home--but couldn’t find it.

"I feel terribly violated," said Koester.

In the meantime, Koester says she would like to stay mobile, but will have to rely on friends and family to get around until she gets her car back.

If you see a 1994 maroon Honda Accord with the license plate of 906XKZ, call police right away. That number is 444-7000.