Thief Steals Purse Out Of Grocery Cart

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A Colorado Springs woman is frustrated after her purse was stolen in a parking lot Thursday afternoon.

Ambra Berger was unloading groceries into her SUV at the Walmart near Chapel Hills Mall.

"This was my one day off and I was just trying to get groceries," said Berger.

Berger left her purse in the cart while she was unloading.

She noticed a car drive up next to her and she thought the driver was waiting on her for a parking spot.

"So I went to move my cart like it was in the way, and they reached out, grabbed my purse, and sped off," said Berger. "I was just in shock that that just happened right in front of me."

Berger was furious and tried to run after the car, but couldn't catch up to it. She says the thief got away with some cash, credit cards, her phone and her license.

"Now I'm worried they're gonna come to my house," said Berger.

Another shopper saw it happen and called police. That witness described the driver as a Hispanic man wearing a brown and plaid flannel hoodie and baseball cap. He is believed to be driving a silver Dodge Magnum. The witness told police that the car had tinted windows, and he couldn't see how many people were inside the vehicle. Berger thinks the car didn't have a license plate.

Berger tells 11 News the thief already tried to use one of her cards at a convenience store about six miles away from the Walmart, but it was declined.

If you have any information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.