Thief Steals Charity Jar

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A Colorado Springs couple tells 11 News they are disgusted.

They say they watched a crook take off with a container of cash donations from the Wendy's Restaurant on Academy near Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs.

It happened Thursday late afternoon.

They couple says they were enjoying their food when a man came into the restaurant.

He didn't buy anything and looking back, they believe the crook was trying to figure out how to pull off the theft.

" I saw him come up to the cash register after the cashier went back to grab a salad," Ross Krischel said.

Ross and his girlfriend Hannah Shields says the man stood there, put something in his pocket and dashed off.

Police were called out to the scene, but the man had already gotten away.

We talked with one of the Store managers who tells us the crook only got away with about 10 dollars and they do have surveillance video.

The couple who saw the thief in action is hoping people will come forward and make a donation just knowing the little money that was in the box was for cancer research.

" It's really irritating. I understand there's financial hardships for everybody, but don't take something that someone donated to someone else," Hannah Shields said.

If you know who the crook is call police or Crime Stoppers right away.