Thief Stealing Quarters from Machines at Local Laundromat

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The person helping themselves to Lori Houser’s cash can be clearly seen on her security video archives.

“We have someone who thinks they deserve my quarters," Lori said.

Her surveillance video shows a man ripping off the quarter collectors from the washing machines at RHP Coin Laundry on the east side of Colorado Springs. He usually strikes in the morning when no one else is at the Laundromat.

“It's extremely frustrating because you work really hard for a living,” Lori said. “Then somebody comes in and thinks they can just take advantage of what you've done."

Each theft costs Lori hundreds of dollars in repairs and lost income. The bandit, she thinks, steals the quarters and leaves, possibly in a green truck, seen two out of three times the store's been hit.

Lori’s gone to police.

"I’ve given them copies of the surveillance," she said.

She hopes by sharing the security footage someone can help bring in the one she thinks is walking out with her profits.

The suspect may be driving a green Toyota Tacoma pickup with a light stripe air-brushed on the side.

Anyone who knows who it is can call police or CrimeStoppers in Colorado Springs at 634-STOP. Callers do not have to give personal information.