The McShanes Return Home to Black Forest

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Those familiar with women's volleyball have probably crossed paths with the McShanes.

Matt is the head coach for women's volleyball at the Air Force Academy.

Dana, a flight attendant, is also a club volleyball coach.

They tell me they've learned something new when it comes to wins and losses.

Matt surveys his property and yells out, "The cooler! The cooler is still intact!"

Matt is used to taking charge on the sidelines of a volleyball court, but he says nothing prepared him for the sight of his beautiful brick and stucco home now reduced to shards and fragments.

Matt says, "Holy smokes that huge house is now 18 inches of rubble."

A lot of scorched earth on their five acre property, but also green in some of those trees.

Dana says, "I'll cry over things I can never get back, but the truth of it is, it's gone."

Among the items they've found so far are pieces of Matt's new golf clubs, bits of china handed down in Dana's family, and a sturdy mixing bowl.

Dana says she never comprehended the sheer power of a fire until now. She won't forget how a sheriff's deputy saved their dog, Hilo, who took off into the woods when they were scrambling to leave.

Dana says, "Thank you. You're a busy guy. You've got a lot of stuff going on and you just took a few moments for us to make sure we could take care of the dog."

The McShanes had a plan and quickly executed it, saving their tractor and a truck by moving it across the street.

Here one of the few things standing is this American flag. It's a symbol of what's important and why they want to return.

Dana explains, "I stand here today and it's still home and it's my home."

Matt says he feels incredibly lucky and sums it up this way, "We have us and the dogs!"

Dana and Matt say they feel blessed to have so many friends eager to help them.

They're also thankful to all those crews who were rushing in when they were running out.