Text Message Helps Couple Find Stolen Car

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A thief took off with a couple's car as they were loading car seats in it for their two small daughters.

"I didn't think that someone would take it that quickly," Taryn Hubenak told 11 News.

The car was stolen Wednesday afternoon in a neighborhood near Chelton and Uintah in Colorado Springs.

Hubenak said she and her fiance had already installed one car seat for their young daughters, and had gone back inside to get the other. In the couple of minutes that took, Hubenak said someone climbed inside their vehicle and drove off.

"Literally the time it took to go back inside and get the other car seat and walk outside. It was gone. It was just gone.

"It was there one second and then it was gone the next."

Gone were Hubenak's wallet, phone, credit and Social Security cards. Even the smallest victim in the case had something to say about it--little Riley no longer had a car seat.

"It was my brown car seat," the 3-year-old told 11 News.

Hubenak said she's grateful the crook or crooks didn't get away with far more precious cargo.

"I'm glad I didn't put her [Riley} in the car seat...I couldn't handle that."

Thursday afternoon, what seemed to be a standard car theft took an odd twist after Hurbenak received a text message telling her exactly where the vehicle was. The message said the car was sitting near an apartment complex on Sawyer Place near Murray; when she and her fiance checked, sure enough, there it was.

Some of Hubenak's belongings had been stolen, but the car is back in their possession.

Springs police are still investigating.