Dozens Displaced After Apartment Fire

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Tenants at the Devonshire Apartments are wondering when they’ll be able to get back into their apartments.

A fire broke out inside one of the buildings on Wednesday morning, destroying two units. But the trouble for tenants stretches to nearly 100 more units. Tenants tell us it'll be weeks before they will be allowed back in, even to get their belongings.

Mitch Quintana just got out of bed when the fire broke out.

"It was very intense. We didn't know whether to run or what to do."

Quintana didn't have time to grab any extra clothes. Now that the fire is out, he's left wondering why he can't go back in to get a few of his belongings.

“Why can't they just escort us in there to get some of our stuff? I'm just asking for a pair of shoes and some more pants. I don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe,” Quintana said.

Other tenants feel the same frustration.

"There are over 100 families displaced with just their clothes on their back,” Sherry Rundles said.

Quintana says firefighters kicked in 40 doors and he says they won't be allowed in until all the apartments are repaired.

"They have to put the doors back on and then you can go back in, but that's weeks down the road, it’s just not going to happen overnight."

The Colorado Springs Fire Department told 11 News they've handed responsibility of the building back over to the property management. We called the management group to find out when tenants will be allowed back in. We’ll let you know when we hear back from them.

The American Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter at the First Methodist Church, located at 420 N. Nevada in Colorado Springs.