Teller County Establishes Reward Fund For Arson Investigation

In response to several inquiries about how citizens can help to combat one or more suspected arsonists in Teller County, the county Board of Commissioners worked with a local bank to establish a reward fund.

Tony Perry, President and CEO of Park State Bank and Trust, says his institution gave the first $500 to the “Protect the Community Fund." He estimated that they also accepted $500 more from donations before the bank closed Friday afternoon.

Perry explains that if there is an arrest and conviction in the case, the county commissioners will work with the Sheriff’s Office to determine who provided information that helped the investigation. The money will be split among those people.

Information for each donor is being collected so that the donations can be returned if the case doesn’t lead to a conviction.

For now, Park State Bank and Trust is the only financial institution involved but Perry says he’ll try to work with other banks next week. The bank is located at 710 W. US Hwy 24 in Woodland Park. The phone number is 719-687-9234.