Teens Mugged At Movie Theater

A summer night at the movies quickly went from idyllic to terrifying after police say a group of teens were accosted by armed robbers.

Tonight 11 News spoke with one of the teens about that frightening moment.

He says - at first the group thought it was someone they knew. That is, until they saw the gun.

19-year-old Brennan and a group of friends were leaving the Cinemark theater on Powers and Carefree around midnight when a dark SUV pulled up beside them. He says they were in a well lit area of the parking lot when the two men in the SUV demanded the teens' wallets.

"The first thing he told us was 'This is not a joke,' and before we even knew what he wanted we knew we were in real danger," Brennan said.

After the teens handed over their money, about $40 in cash, the suspects sped off.

Police say there were three people inside the SUV, but have not provided any further suspect information at this time.

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