Teenager Falls While Climbing at Garden of the Gods

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Firefighters rescued a 17-year-old boy after he fell while rock climbing in Garden of the Gods park Monday afternoon.

The accident happened on the east side of Garden of the Gods park.

Colorado Springs firefighters say the boy was repelling down with two friends when something went wrong and he fell head first. Crews had to scale 200 feet of tough terrain just to get to the teenager. They used a rescue basket to get him down and were able to stabilize his back and neck. Crews say he was not wearing a helmet.

"That could have gone really bad for that young man if he would have landed a bit differently. So, I think he's really fortunate. I'm pretty sure he will be wearing a helmet the next time he's out climbing," said Lt. Brian Myers with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

The teenager was rushed to Memorial Hospital. He reportedly was alert and talking when he was put into the ambulance. There's no word yet on his injuries.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department says it's required for all climbers to be registered. It's also required they have proper climbing gear before they climb at Garden of the Gods park.