Teen Hospitalized After Being Shot With Pellet Gun

MGN Online

A 13-year-old was found sprawled in the middle of a Pueblo street Saturday morning, unconscious with his clothing spread out around him.

Medical personnel determined he had been shot with an apparent pellet gun. The pellet ricocheted downward and stopped between vital organs.

After tracking down what they believed was the scene of the shooting, a home on Washington Street, police spoke to the homeowner. Officers say homeowner Jason Lucero, 45, told them he shot an intruder who was trying to steal marijuana from his backyard.

Police say their investigation found the teen was in a neighboring yard, not Lucero's, when he was shot.

The teen was taken to the hospital where doctors treated the injury. Police say he is in stable condition.

Lucero is facing second-degree assault charges. Jail records indicate he has bonded out of jail. He was being held on a $25,000 bond.