Teen Facing Attempted Murder Charges

Suspect Raul Barros. Credit: Colorado Springs Police Department
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A teenager accused of a road-rage shooting in Colorado Springs is facing attempted murder charges among others.

Raul Barros, 19, was advised of those charges Monday.

His arrest is linked to an incident at the end of March.

Court papers obtained by 11 News indicate the trouble began in downtown Colorado Springs. While stopped at a traffic light early on the morning of March 31, a group of teenagers in an SUV recognized a passenger in the car in the next lane. The court papers say Barros was sitting in the back of that car.

The groups agreed to meet at the Wal Mart on 8th Street, and an argument broke out during that meeting. The driver of the SUV told police the driver of the car followed her from the Wal Mart parking lot to the intersection of 21st and Lower Gold Camp Road.

At the intersection, a passenger from the SUV got out and confronted the driver of the car. At that point, Barros reportedly shot the other teenager. His injuries were not life-threatening.

Police said Barros then told the driver to take him home, which he did, but later went to police to explain what happened.

Police caught up with Barros and arrested him on August 2.

In addition to attempted murder charges, Barros now faces multiple theft charges linked to stolen property found at his home after the shooting.

Barros is due back in court on August 12.