Teaching CPR Classes in School

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High school students in Colorado could soon learn CPR in class.

There is a bill heading to Governor John Hickenlooper's desk Wednesday that would set aside money to add training to the curriculum.

According to the American Heart Association, if students take a one-time 30 minute training it will give them the skills necessary to save a life in an emergency situation.

The AHA says every year almost 383,000 people nationwide have a sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, and about 90% of them do not survive because they don't get CPR in time.

They say 50,000 students graduate from high school in Colorado every year. A spokesperson for AHA says having that many more people know how to do CPR could make a big difference.

The bill sets aside $250,000 that school can apply for to implement and provide CPR training into their curriculum.

Lawmakers just added a requirement to the bill that coaches must keep their CPR certification current. Right now coaches must be certified in CPR to be hired, but they don't have to keep it current.

The American Heart Association says that everyone should know CPR, and you don't have to be certified to be able to save a life.