Teacher Accused Of Giving Students Hints During CSAP Testing

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A teacher in Fort Collins is accused of giving hints to her students during Colorado Student Assessment Program tests.

Julie Pfeifer teaches math at Webber Middle School. She is accused of coaching her students before the test was administered.

The superintendent of the Poudre School District sent a letter to the school board recommending that Pfeifer be fired for violating CSAP rules while administering the test in March.

The district has since thrown out the math test results for 23 middle school students, stating the teacher used test session time before the test to review material that would be on the test. They also claim Pfeifer advised students to use the centimeter side of their ruler during the test. It is also alleged that she hinted to at least three students that they should reconsider their answers on the test.

Pfeifer has been teaching in the district for more than 22 years and was awarded teacher of the year 2004.

“I think there’s a bigger issue. I feel like I’m being used as an example,” said Pfeifer. “That if you possibly make a mistake or a perceived mistake on the CSAP you could be fired. They seem to be abusing power. I don’t think I made a mistake.”

The school administration declined to make a statement on camera, but did say the superintendent’s recommendation is the first step in a hearing process that will determine whether Pfeifer will lose her job.