Tax Refunds Delayed For Thousands

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Around this time every year, a lot of us need that tax refund. Now for many, that money is delayed. It has a lot to do with a two page tax form. It's the Education Credits form 8863.

Angela Gearheart and Melissa Blake are just two of the thousands of people across the country who said they're affected by this glitch. Instead of getting their refunds this month, both must wait anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Gearheart used the company for her 2011 tax returns and had no problems. She said this year has been a completely different story, and Wednesday morning received the email informing her about the delay.

“This year has been an absolute nightmare," Gearheart said.

Blake said she’s been using H&R Block for nearly two decades. After this ordeal, she wants to take her business elsewhere.

"(H&R Block) lost my trust, they lost my loyalty, and I will never use them again," Blake said.

A software glitch left a field on the education form blank. H&R Block says they're not the only company affected by this. That small glitch however, is too big a problem for these women.

“It just kind of put a little bit of a bind on everything right now," Gearheart said.

Blake told us just changed jobs, and was planning to use her refund to hold her over between the transition.

"I wouldn't be disrupting any bills or anything like that I had planned, but now, everything has turned upside down," Blake added.

The company responded to our questions in a written statement saying "H&R Block has worked with the IRS to expedite a solution to this issue for our affected clients... We are doing everything we can to expedite their returns."

The IRS says this mistake has affected nearly 10 percent of all people filing taxes. H&R Block started notifying people Wednesday.

You can check on how long it will take to get your refund from the IRS
by clicking here.