Taking Back The Night: Stopping Sexual Violence

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Reports of sexual violence have forced many to fear walking alone in the dark of night.

Thursday folks in Canon City stood steps to stop that.

Over 50 put on turquoise t-shirts and took to the streets as part of a “Take Back the Night” event.

They were marching through the streets of Canon City to put an end to sexual violence.

As they walked they chanted “We are men, we are women, and we are taking back the night”.

For the sixth year in a row, people of all ages in the small town have been standing up for the cause.

Their goal is to remind victims they are not alone.

“To show them that they are not the only ones here, and that there are other people that they can relate to,” said sex assault survivor Meranda Winn.

And to make it clear that any type of sexual violence crime, whether against men or women, will not be tolerated.

“We have a right to be able to go outside, us girls, and walk somewhere without having to be worried and freaking out about what’s gonna happen to us,” said Canon City High School student Andi Barnes.

Organizers in Canon City tell me they are proud that dozens of high school students take part in their awareness event every year.

Over the years they have seen a crowd of participants ranging from 50 to over 200. Leaders tell me the third year they took part they held the largest “Take Back the Night” event in the state.

The event is not unique to Canon City. In fact, thousands take part in a “Take Back the Night” event across the world during the month of April. It’s also known as “Reclaim the Night”.

It’s an awareness tradition dating back over 30 years. It started as a way for women to shatter the silence and speak out against sexual violence. Now, both women and men alike take a stand. Dozens of rallies and events are held across the globe during “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

To find out how you can host an awareness event or to learn more about the cause visit: www.takebackthenight.org.