TSA Struggling To Prevent Travelers From Bringing Pot To Airports

An amnesty box at the Colorado Springs Airport.

TSA is struggling to prevent travelers from bringing recreational pot onto planes.

A possible provision of Colorado's marijuana law could ban pot on airport grounds, but for now, all airport officials can do is remind people that federal authorities are free to arrest people who take the drug on planes--and that most flights land where marijuana is illegal.

Earlier in the month, federal and state laws came to a head at the Aspen airport after TSA found 36 ounces of marijuana-infused edibles in a person's luggage. Federal officials turned the case over to local officials, who declined to charge the individual because he or she wasn't doing anything wrong under Colorado law.

The sheriff's office reiterated that Colorado law would no longer passengers once they took pot on a plane.

The Springs airport and DIA have both banned marijuana inside the airport. The Colorado Springs Airport has set up amnesty boxes, however, to allow people the chance to surrender any pot they may have brought with them.