Thieves Make Off With Over A Dozen Guns

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If you drive down the Vanderheiden's street, you can't miss the sign in the front yard near Powers and Platte in Colorado Springs.

It says: "Neighbors this home robbed Friday...did you witness anything unfamiliar...any info could help."

"Had they forced entry and somebody was here, my wife, what if they harmed her," said Jarret Vanderheiden.

He says that's the only good part. Criminals broke in through their front window, carried out a 1,000 pound safe from the bedroom and with it, 13 guns. They also got the couple's Social Security cards, birth certificates, and other documents.

"They didn't take everything, but they took a lot, a lot of items that we worked hard for," said Skyla Vanderheiden.

That's why they put up the sign. To warn neighbors and ask if they'd seen anything.

The sign had an impact on Daniel Cisneros, who lives across the street.

"It just makes me want to be more involved in my local community," he said.

As for Jarret Vanderheiden, he just wants his property back.

"It's hard to go to bed at night and wonder where the stuff we worked so hard for [is]."

Colorado Springs police continue to investigate the burglary.