Stun Gun Used On Man Fighting With Police

A stun gun is used on a man after fighting with police near Hancock Expressway and Jet Wing Drive early Sunday morning.

Police officers with the Sand Creek Enforcement Team were in the area of 3041 Jet Wing Drive, patrolling for people breaking into cars, when they noticed 20-year-old Nicholas Revello and a juvenile female acting suspicious. While two officers talked with Revello and the girl, they say Revello gave a fake name and birth date.

Suspicious, the officers attempted to place Revello in the back of a patrol car. That’s when police say Revello began fighting with police. While officers were struggling with Revello, the girl ran away.

Police deployed a stun gun on Revello to subdue him and place him in the patrol car. A short time later they caught up with the girl. Police found that Revello had multiple warrants out for his arrest. Revello was booked in the county jail and the girl was served and released to her parents.