Suspicious Packages Found On Peterson AFB Revealed To Be Office Supplies

Photo courtesy of NORTHCOM website

Peterson Air Force Base just released more information on the suspicious packages that caused a lock-down earlier today.

The five suspicious packages found at the Eberhardt-Findley Building, home of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, have been assessed as non-threatening. In fact, the packages contained simple office supplies once examined.

New information tonight about those 5 suspicious packages found in the NORAD-NORTHCOM headquarters building on Peterson AFB.

We brought you the information as a breaking news alert on 11 News At Noon.

KKTV 11 News reporter Karen Morfitt has been out at the base all afternoon.

At this time, officials have lifted the 500 foot safety zone that was put in to place as a precaution. The two buildings next to the NORAD-NORTHCOM headquarters have also been released from increased security.

Those precautions were put in to place Just before 10 this morning after the packages were found.

Officials also had the north gate going in to Peterson Air Force Base closed off until about one afternoon.

We're told a team of military dogs was brought in to help clear the scene of any danger and testing we know has been done on those 5 suspicious packages to help determine what's inside

"Preliminary test results of the package indicated that there is not a positive test for a nuclear, biological or chemical element contained within the package," according to a representative from the base.

About 1,500 people who work in that NORAD-NORTHCOM headquarters had to be evacuated and have not been allowed anywhere near the building since

The investigation into those packages still very active NORAD-NORTHCOM officials say none of their missions have been interrupted.