Suspicious Note Found At Ridgeview Elementary School; Worried Parent Says It Was "Death List"

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A Ridgeview Elementary mother says she's worried about her 10-year-old daughter's safety.

Aida Aguirre says her daughter found a note in her fourth grade classroom on Wednesday morning titled, "Death List."

"As soon as I asked her 'Hey, what happened at school today?' she started bawling and telling me, 'Someone wants me dead. They put me on a list. I'm the one who told the teacher,'" said Aguirre.

But Aguirre tells KKTV she didn't find out about note until 5 p.m.

"The assistant principal told me they were investigating all day long and what they found was [the student] did make a list, he didn't mean it, and he wrote 'Death List' instead of writing 'Mean List.'"

Because of the note, Aguirre kept her daughter home from school the next day.

"I don't feel like it was handled correctly," said Aguirre.

"My daughter feels like she's almost being punished in this because I had to take her out of school. I don't know if he's going to be there or not. It's being taken so lightly to me by the school, like it's not a big deal because he didn't mean it," Aguirre added.

A D-49 spokesperson says as soon as they found out about the note, they began investigating the note, in conjunction with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

"When these incidents do occur we here in D-49 take these incidents very seriously," said David Watson, Safety and Emergency Coordinator for D-49.

"Through our exhaustive interview process and through that assessment, it's come to our conclusion that there was no threat at any time to the school community," Watson said.

Watson added, "I can't tell you what has happened to the young person, but I can tell you we follow policies and procedures on a discipline matrix and that's how we handle each incident."

Aguirre says she just wants to draw attention to the matter because a threat of any kind should not be taken lightly.

"Pay attention to your children, know your children."