Suspicious Fire Near Black Forest Burn Area

Investigators are working to find a cause after another suspicious fire was spotted and quickly put out.

It's the third small fire reported in a week near the Black Forest burn area.

“It was scary. I don't want our neighborhood to go up," says Betty Baughman. She and her husband Wayne saw the flames and called 911.

The small fire started just off of Stagecoach Road near Roller Coaster Road.

Firefighters got it out before the fire spread, but it has a lot of people in the community worried.

About a mile away and about five days ago, two other fires were reported in Fox Run Park. Those are now being investigated as arson. The El Paso County arson investigator is trying to figure out what caused this most recent fire.

“It was obviously an intentionally set fire. There's no way a cigarette could have been flipped that far accidentally,” says Wayne.

Investigators haven’t said if the three fires are connected.

We'll stay on top of this story and let you know when we get more information.