Suspicious Devices Investigated

Twin bomb scares, triggered after the discovery of items associated with marijuana, rattled two Springs neighborhoods Wednesday.

Near North Nevada and Mount View Lane, a couple with serious burn wounds and a pair of suspicious looking items aroused concerns that the items could be pipe bombs.

In a second incident, a maintenance manger at a Springs apartment complex worried the item he found in a storage shed might be an explosive device.

In both cases, the items were deemed harmless to the public after an investigation by a bomb squad.

In the Mount View incident, police were first called there Wednesday afternoon on reports of a disturbance. Responding officers came upon a woman wandering around with burn marks on her legs. Not long after, a separate call came in from a nearby motel regarding a man with what witnesses said were some pretty bad injuries.

Shelby Galiano lives nearby and called 911 when she saw the man.

"His thumb was almost blown off his finger. It was really bad," Galiano said.

The man and woman had been reportedly camping along a nearby creek.

Police then began to investigate a duffel bag left on Mount View Lane. Inside were two items that looked like pipe bombs.

After the area was secured and the bomb squad investigated, it was determined the items were actually PVC pipes that were fashioned to use for smoking marijuana. Both pipes had what police suspect was marijuana inside.

According to police the sealed pipes can be used to enhance the high caused by the active chemical in marijuana.

"He tells me (the burns) were from a butane lighter blew up in his face," Galiano said.

The devices were similar to one discovered at an apartment complex on Sandalwood Drive a few hours earlier.

Police were notified of a suspicious item found by a maintenance manager in a small storage shed associated with a vacant apartment. Responding officers thought the item looked like a pipe bomb and called the CSPD bomb squad to assist.

After investigating further, the bomb squad determined that the item was a device typically used to extract THC from marijuana. It was removed from the complex and disposed of.

Police told 11 News the cases are not related.

"This is a real concern to us...obviously there's a lot of time, a lot of taxpayer dollars to go into investigating this. We bring out a lot of people to do a lot of hard work, to find out that these were just a couple of devices used for narcotics," Colorado Springs Police Sargeant Darrin Abbink said.

Both of the people injured from the Mount View incident were flown to a Denver hospital. There's no word if the man and woman will face any charges.