El Paso County Sheriff's Office Investigating Suspicious Death

Investigators are working to figure out why a man collapsed and died on a woman's doorstep early Monday.

Investigators say that in the middle of the night, a woman in Security-Widefield got a knock on her door. When she answered it, the man on her porch passed out. The woman called 911 and gave the man CPR, but it was too late.

Detectives say there was no visible signs of trauma or injuries to the man's body. The man appeared to only be in his 20s.

Neighbors say two SUVs they'd never seen before were towed from the scene. The home is located on Harding Street, which is near Fontaine Boulevard and Fountain-Mesa Road.

It is unknown if the man knew the woman at the home. Neighbors are telling us she did not know him.

Neighbors also say it worried them hearing that someone approached the woman at such a late hour, and they are relieved that nothing happened to her.

Autopsy results for the man are still pending. The name of the victim will not be released until family has been notified.