Suspects In July Crime Spree Identified, Remain At Large

From left: Antonio Washington, Brandon Moss (Credit: CSPD)

Investigators have linked two men to a series of seemingly unrelated crimes, committed over a span of eight days.

Antonio "Tony" Washington, 19, and Brandon Moss, 20, have been identified as suspects in an assault and robbery on July 8 during a pick-up basketball game, a home invasion on July 11, and a police chase on July 15.

Springs police say the men are to be considered armed and very dangerous, and advise the public to not approach them if they are spotted, but to call 911 immediately.

July 8

On the evening of July 8, two teen brothers were playing basketball at a Colorado Springs park with three black men close to their age, who they did not know. During the game, one of the men allegedly pulled out a stun gun and "tased" the older of the two brothers, then punched him several times. Police say the younger brother was punched by a second man when he tried to step in and help. The suspects then took off with the older brother's wallet and left in a white Jeep SUV.

The victims drove around the area of Deerfield Hills Park, where the assault took place, and were able to locate the Jeep. Officers traced the license plate to 19-year-old Boquan Finley, but could not find a reliable address.

July 11

A few days later, police say three suspects broke into a home in the Peregrine area, threatened the homeowner at gunpoint and stole a number of valuables. Outside of noting that they were all black males, the victim was unable to get a suspect description since their faces were partially concealed and never saw a suspect vehicle--nor did any neighbors. Police did not link the incident to the one on July 8 at the time due to such different tactics used by the suspects.

July 15

A break in both cases came after a police chase on the morning of July 15, when an officer tried to pull over a SUV for expired plates and the driver took off. The police chase ended after the suspect vehicle crashed in front of the Citadel Mall; the three men in the vehicle ran but officers eventually caught up with one of them at St. Vrain and Delaware. He was identified as Boquan Finley--the man who the Jeep SUV in the July 8 case had been linked to. The other two men got away.

Police say they were able to link Finley to the Peregrine home invasion on July 11 by a handgun he had with him when he was arrested. The handgun was stolen during the home invasion.

Police also reportedly recovered two other stolen handguns in the abandoned SUV. One was stolen from the Peregrine home, the other from a storage unit on Motor City Drive at the end of June.

Officers say they found evidence at the scene near the scene indicating that one of the suspects was trying to fire at pursuing officers after fleeing the vehicle. Evidence included 11 empty bullet casings in front of a bookstore, as well as several shots that hit a nearby concrete retaining wall.

In the following days, detectives worked around the clock to identify who the two suspects that got away the night of June 15, using the limited description available from the July 11 home invasion. Friday, police identified them as Washington and Moss, and have linked them to all three incidents.

On Thursday, police thought they had cornered the men in a home on Baltic Street. SWAT surrounded the home with guns drawn, trying to flush out the people inside. But when the occupants came out, neither of them were the men authorities were looking for. However, police say another stolen gun was found inside that home.

Arrest warrants have been issued for both men on charges of aggravated robbery. Additional charges for attempted first-degree murder of a police officer are expected.