Suspect Uses Creek Beds To Elude Officers

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Police say a juvenile used his knowledge of southeast Springs' creek beds and canals to elude officers for over an hour.

Officers were searching for the suspect after receiving a call Saturday afternoon that he'd been at Sagebrush Park, and had taken off running after seeing the caller. CSPD says the caller alerted police because he knew the suspect was wanted on a felony warrant, and thought the suspect might be armed.

Using directions by the reporting party and a trail of footprints in the snow, police began tracking the suspect. After he was spotted a short time later at Wildflower Elementary School, two miles from the park, officers realized he had "extensive knowledge" of the system of canals and creek beds in the area. Police set up a larger perimeter and brought in a K-9 unit. Officers searched the creek beds and canals.

During this time, police say the suspect backtracked, and wound up going under Airport Road, located north of Sagebrush Park and the school, into another neighborhood. He was reportedly spotted several times, but stayed ahead of officers.

An hour into the search, an officer saw the suspect cross Airport Road again and dart into a creek bed. The suspect sprinted towards a neighborhood next to Sand Creek Elementary School. Police said that the direction the suspect was running in, he had no choice but to enter that neighborhood. A second officer positioned himself to be there waiting.

The suspect hopped over a fence, and Officer Montgomery was there to greet him. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Due to the suspect's age, his name has not been released.