Town Hall Arsonist Sentenced

The second suspect who burned down a Colorado Landmark will spend 10 years in prison for the crime.

Kyle Lawrence pled guilty in November 2012 to first-degree arson for his role in burning down the century-old Green Mountain Falls town hall in February of that year. Another man, Zachariah Shaffer, was also sentenced to 12 years for the crime.

According to arrest affidavits in February, the suspects originally planned on breaking into the building and destroying computers, but after gaining entry through an unlocked window decided to burn down the entire building instead. Shaffer allegedly told deputies at the time of his arrest that he and Lawrence spread close to five gallons of gasoline inside the building.

Lawrence was arrested after a stanoff with police.

The fire destroyed numerous city records, and strong winds pushed the flames towards a neighboring home, which sustained damage to the windows and walls.