Suspect Leads Police On Chase In Stolen Car, Gets Away

COLORADO SPRINGS - Co. Colorado Springs Police have not arrested the man they say is responsible for stealing a car and then leading police on a chase.

According to reports a woman called police on June 19 to report her car was stolen. The day before, June 18, in the early morning hours, the woman reportedly let a friend borrow her 2006 Cadillac STS. It was a friend of a friend who then stole the car.

Late Wednesday night, around 10:50 p.m., CSPD says they were contacted by On-Star and provided with information indicating the car was somewhere in the area of 6 El Paso Blvd. While formulating a plan with the Motor Vehicle Theft Task Force, officers learned the car had now moved to the area of 1100 S. Chelton Road.

Officers report they tried to monitor the car but were forced to attempt contact with the driver. He led officers on a short pursuit during which the suspect was driving erratically. He got away from police, but On-Star called to tell officers that the car had stopped near 2400 E Monument Street.

Once again, officers responded. They say several suspects did return to the car, but took off on foot once they saw police.

Despite searching, police were never able to locate the suspects. The car was recovered.