Suspect Caught After Attempted Robbery

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A robbery suspect was caught shortly after he tried to hold up a person with a knife. It happened near the Wells Fargo on Cascade and Costilla in downtown Colorado Springs.

Police said he didn’t get away with anything. The suspect was scared off and took off running north on Cascade and darted behind the Antlers Hilton hotel.

Investigators told us there were several officers near the area and responded within just a couple of minutes. They said the suspect jumped over an iron fence, ran across the railroad tracks and it was found nearly 20 feet down in a nearby creek.

The suspect was taken away in an ambulance with unknown injuries. The victim was not injured.

We talked to one man who lives in the area of the Wells Fargo. He said he’s been seeing a lot more crime in the area lately.

"It happens quite a bit it's not surprising. Something needs to stop something needs to happen about this kind of thing," the Springs resident said.

Police haven't released the suspect's name, but said alcohol could be a factor in this crime. Police said that suspect will likely face charges of attempted robbery and felony menacing.