Suspect Arrested After Homeowners Stop Burglary Attempt

A man and his son managed to keep a burglar from breaking into their home early Friday morning by holding all their weight against the front door as the suspect tried to get in.

Police say the suspect had broken a window on the door, and was trying to reach in and unlock it.

After thwarting the burglary attempt, the suspect took off. Police were called immediately to the home on the 600 block of Pine Street, where they began a yard-by-yard search for the suspect.

One officer was sitting a few blocks away, in the area of West Platte and North Spruce, when he saw a man matching the suspect's description. The man, identified as 41-year-old Brant Miller Weeden, was determined to be the person officers were looking for, and was arrested on attempted second-degree burglary charges.