Surveillance Video Shows Robbery Mishap

11 News has obtained video surveillance of a robbery gone horribly wrong.

It happened at D&S liquor store off Delta Drive on the south side of Colorado Springs.

We first brought you the story back in September. That’s when the attempted robbery happened, but the video wasn’t available.
Police told us at that time that one of the suspects shot his buddy in the foot.

The video shows the suspect inside the store grabbing a bottle of booze and then he makes his dash for the door. In a split second the clerk realizes what's happening and uses a remote to lock that door, the only way out.

That’s when the second suspect makes his misguided attempt to open it, by shooting through the lock, accidentally shooting his accomplice in the foot.

The cameras catch the suspect limping around with a wounded foot and probably a bruised ego. That’s when he knows it’s simply time to surrender.