Police: Getaway Driver In "Puppynapping" Case Arrested

Surveillance captured the suspects carry three puppies out the back door. (Credit: Northglenn Police Department/KCNC)

Police have made one arrest in connection to a puppy theft in the Denver area, but say the two men who actually stole the puppies are still on the loose.

Police have arrested the alleged getaway driver, who is also accused of hitting a man with her vehicle who was trying to stop to the puppynappers.

On the afternoon of Nov. 7, authorities say the men went into the Puppies 'n' Stuff pet store in Northglenn, which is just north of Denver, and stole three puppies worth more than $1,900.

Surveillance video shows the men milling around the store with other customers. Suddenly, they can be seen bolting out the back door, taking the puppies with them.

"I was shocked," store owner Sandy McDonald told sister station KCNC. "I mean to just grab them and run."

The suspects reportedly jumped into a Jeep Grand Cherokee parked nearby. Police have identified that woman as 19-year-old Khristina Hamai. It was originally believed that she was waiting in the SUV, but police now say she was also caught on camera inside the store with the suspects.

The suspects didn't just drive off: a witness says that when he tried to stop the vehicle, Hamai hit him with the SUV.

“I held out my arms and legs...to stop the car and I looked at the driver for like 10 seconds, and then she just started driving,” Kris Goggin told KCNC. “I kinda rolled up on to the hood of the car and then fell back on to the ground.”

Goggin had been in the alley behind the store when he saw the suspects run past him carrying the puppies. He realized what was going on and chased after them.

Goggin suffered minor injuries in the incident. His only concern right now is getting the puppies back.

"Get the dogs back please," he told KCNC. "The dogs didn't do anything.

Two white Maltese puppies and one German Shepherd puppy were taken.

On video, the suspects both appear to have short, dark hair One was wearing a black and white striped shirt, and the other was in a white shirt. Police say they've received a number of tips regarding their identities, but have not determined who they are.

Hamai faces charges of theft and hit-and-run.